Suspended from eBay?
Limited on PayPal?
Are your selling limits too low?

Our company has been selling high limit eBay and PayPal accounts for several years.
We're the best at what we do!

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We spend a lot of time and consideration into each and every account to ensure our customers never experience a suspension or limitation in the future.

Our offer

Sales Increase

We are the only company Selling Established eBay Accounts.
We are offering aged accounts - without 21 day hold.
Accounts with feedbacks.
Accounts with Power Seller status.

Full Support

All account sales are private and confidential.
It's possible to use accounts from any country! Just ask.
We will respond to questions and concerns quickly!

The Best Prices

Accounts are rock solid and created with the expertise and talent of a true professionals​.
Our company offering the best prices, we are not resellers.

About us

Our team have over a 10 years of experience buying, selling, and otherwise dealing with eBay and PayPal.
We do consider ourselves experts in this field.
Our goal is to not only give you an eBay account no matter what, but to make sure you are satisfied with your new account.
We don’t just want to have happy customers, but to have happy relationships where all who buy from us can leave in a better position than when they came to us.
We know how frustrating and annoying it can be when your real account is suspended, restricted or you have low selling limits so we do everything we can to make the transition to stealth accounts as painless as possible. We look forward to helping you!

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