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What’s in this guide?

This guide will teach you everything you need to know to get your own dropshipping business off the ground while avoiding the costly mistakes that can kill new dropshipping ventures. I will discuss everything from dropshipping basics to operating a dropshipping business and dealing with some of the problems that arise.


1. Understanding Dropshipping
Is It Worth It?
2. The Supply Chain & Fulfillment Process
The Order Process
3. Finding and Working With Suppliers
Finding Wholesale Suppliers
How to Find Good Suppliers
How to Spot Fake Dropshipping Wholesalers
Your Options on Paying Suppliers
4. Picking Products to Dropship
Considerations When Selecting Products
How to Be Successful Selling Online
Cherry-Picking the Best Customers
5. Measuring Demand
Google Keyword Tool
Google Trends
6. Measuring Competition
Number of Linking Domains
Authority of Competing Sites
Qualitative Metrics to Consider
Note on Search Results

7. Starting Your Business
The Commitment Required
Deciding on a Business Structure
Requesting an EIN Number
Getting Your Finances in Order
Collecting Sales Tax
Local Business Licenses
Incorporating Outside the U.S.
8. Evaluating Sales Channels
Dropshipping on eBay
Dropshipping on Amazon
Dropshipping With Your Own Online Store
Which Sales Strategy Should You Choose?
9. Running a Dropshipping Company
Managing Inventory & Multiple Suppliers
Order Fulfillment
Security and Fraud Issues
Understanding Chargebacks
Dealing With Returns
Shipping Issues
Providing Customer Support
10. The Key Elements of Success